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Peerbelt is a software that tracks, organizes and archives your

web history into an easily accessed and searchable database.

Find where you’ve been before. Scroll down for more.

Say goodbye to bookmarks

With Peerbelt, you don’t need them. The app works with your web browser to note what matters to you most: a personal search engine for what you’ve seen online.

It’s the perfect assistant, knowing what gets you hooked into reading and making it searchable in the future.

A diary of your digital life

Peerbelt records your searches and online history, so if you want to go back and look, you have an archived, organized record that’s easy to navigate.

Consider it your own digital photographic memory, just one click away.

Plain and simple: it just works!

Peerbelt streamlines and simplifies your web experience. Forever.

Best of all, the more you and your friends use Peerbelt, the smarter the software becomes, so that your web experience will be better than ever.

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Peerbelt available for Mac, Windows